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South India, Sound & Seaside Retreat Yoga retreat (feb. 9th)

into the fullness of who you truly are at your core
into creative and nourishing Vinyasa flows
into inspiring activities, sharing circles, and journaling
into the power of (sound) meditation
into meaningful connections
into raw, untouched nature
into energizing breathing techniques
into the Indian culture, tradition, and experience
being open to receive,
to explore.

into the fullness of your being
into the space unfolding in yin yoga
into your transformation
into the caresses of your own breath
into soft guitar picking and sweet violin melodies
into the teachings of the moment
feeling warm sand and sunlight
under palm trees.

Sea salt. Inspiration. Time.

About the Retreat

Our Retreat is a holistic experience that gives you insight into the Indian lifestyle and philosophy. In the birth-country of Yoga, we are mixing tradition with modern alignment principles and western approaches such as Acro- and Yin Yoga.
Depending on the interest of the group we are implementing elements of Ayurveda, Tantra and Toltec wisdom.
We are also planning to explore some of the very special and unique Temples in the area and celebrate the heart-opening experience of a Cacao Ceremony together! You will enjoy daily live music as well as Journaling and Sharing rounds, where you have the chance to immerse into interesting questions, supporting you to evolve into a happier and healthier version of yourself.

Our days are framed by an enriching program of Yoga and Mindfulness practices.
In between Yoga sessions we have time to swim in the sea in, enjoy a massage, get a private guitar lesson on the beach, explore the area, read, sleep, explore nature, see a temple, browse around, meditate, talk to each other or simply doing nothing but breathe!

This presents an amazing opportunity to slow down and rest. It’s also a chance to get to know new, inspiring, like-minded people and to arise questions that push you forward on your personal path of unfolding your potential!


Julia is full-time and full-hearted dedicated to practicing, studying and teaching Yoga. Originally from Germany, she got trained and inspired by different styles, teachers and perspectives in Bali, Thailand, India, Mexico, and Germany. Her openness, love for detail and sensitivity allow her to understand the different needs in diverse groups and to provide options and individual alignment and adjustments accordingly, in an empathetic and loving way.

Luis Hunab Amaya is a Mexican musician, therapist and designer focused on healing arts. With more than 10 years of experience, his work aims to deepen any practice for self-growth and transpersonal realization.
The experiences he designs combines profound psychology tools with ancient multicultural knowledge, especially Toltec wisdom. He found and led a Music School in Monterrey (Mexico) as well as projects such as Soul Sync and Nahua Yoga, and is currently working on his 4th book.

Together as a couple, we started our personal music project called Soul Sailors, using our instruments, through intuition to create unique sound baths.

We have spent the entire winter living in India and look forward to sharing our personal experience with you!


– TreeHouse (Shared Room, 4 people) €840
– Standard Room (Shared Room) €880
– Eco Cottage / Ocean View Deluxe (Shared Room) 900€

*EARLY BIRDS until 31st December 2019*
– TreeHouse (Shared Room, 4 people) €740
– Standard Room (Shared Room) €770
– Eco Cottage / Ocean View Deluxe (Shared Room) €790€

– TreeHouse (Shared Room, 4 people) €670
– Standard Room (Shared Room) €690
– Eco Cottage / Ocean View Deluxe (Shared Room) €710

This includes:
– Daily Yoga classes (Morning Vinyasa and Evening Yin Yoga with Live Music (guitar & violin, as well as Sound Meditations)
– A Thai Yoga Massage Workshop
– A little Cacao Ceremony
– A little Introduction to Acroyoga
– All nights in our comfortable oceanfront Home
– 3 healthy and delicious vegetarian/vegan meals per day

The price doesn’t include:
– Transportation
– Additional Surf lessons
– Massages & Guitar lessons

FOOD: Healthy and delicious vegetarian/vegan dishes. You will get to know the amazing variety of regional and local kitchen!
You have the opportunity to get to know the Ayurvedic kitchen and dive into rich world of Indian tastes as well as a choice of western food, easy to digest – you won’t miss being at home!

LOCATION: Our beautiful home is in the middle of nature, walking distance to the beach. The Retreat place, Namaste Yoga Farm, is located in Gokarna a scenic, laid-back place close to Goa. Goa is your airport and place to arrive – considered as a light-version of India where you can easily settle down and hang out before the Retreat starts.

SUPPORT at your own Level: No matter if you are practicing Yoga since a long time or if you join as a beginner. We provide you with different options to support your personal growth!

For REGISTRATION or your questions, please reach out to:

We can’t wait to share our treasures with you!!! ♥

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