About Me

About Me

I am...

...learning. I am loving. I am love.

I am sharing Yoga. Full-time and full-hearted. Everywhere I can. 

My profession as an international Yoga teacher gives me the opportunity to learn with different people. In the past years, I have been facilitating Women's workshops in Palestine, led a Mindfulness Workshop at a Judicial Court in Germany and held lectures and classes on a Yoga teacher training course in India and other interesting places.

Trained in Bali, Thailand, India, Mexico and Germany, I had the honor to get certified (more than 700h) and inspired by internationally renowned teachers and schools such as Acroyoga International

I am offering various styles VinyasaYin Yoga, Mindful Flow, Yoga Nidra, Acro Yoga and Mindfulness practices such as Thai Yoga Massage.

My teaching style is marked by creativity, playfulness, and states of deep relaxation! I am mixing my love for details and creative body explorations with concepts of modern alignment and physiology. I love to play with my voice, creating vivid metaphors and poetic analogies as well as the sounds of my violin and hands-on-adjustments to accompany you on your Yoga journey!

My academic background in foreign language teaching (Master's Degree in English and French for Highschool teaching) helps with international students as well as structuring and researching content for workshops on Yoga & Mindfulness related topics. 

Through mindful listening and intuition, I am creating Yoga and Massage flows as well as unique sound baths at Soul Sailors that invite you to dive deep into your yoga practice.

Looking forward to meet you!

My intention is to live life fully and to embrace it with an open heart!
Through doing so, I wish to inspire others.

Impressed by the transformative powers of Yoga, I love to create connections

Meaningful connections, that help us to rise awareness and keep on moving forward into a world where we value consciousness and community, a world that becomes more social and sustainable!

About Me Quote

I love to create a space for you, where you can enjoy, let go, laugh, learn, experience, grow, and simply be yourself!

What if we compare practicing yoga with playing music?


Being raised in a family of musicians, I used to spend a lot of time playing and practicing the violin. I experienced at early age, that a regular practice is important and contributes to continuous progress.

What if we celebrate every little step forward? What if we practice for the joy of practicing itself? What if we fear less and feel more?

As a Yoga teacher, I enjoy sharing ideas, techniques and inspiration that work for me when I play my instrument...

I prefer not to simply click the play button and listen to the same playlist over and over again, but to have a fun live-jam session where everyone is free to explore their own rhythm and come up with beautiful new melodies… melodies that don’t ask to be judged, that allow us to learn how to expect less, appreciate more and embrace the surprise!

Own Melody

My Path


I have practiced yoga for more than ten years. In the beginning of my yoga journey I practiced mostly to reduce stress. I started, because I wanted to learn techniques that help me to relax from an active everyday life.

At some point in my life, I felt completely lost. In this moment, I felt and then truly realized, that emotional pain was actually reflected in my body. As in this specific time of my life, I felt extremely weak, I started to use the yoga practice as a tool that helped me to (re-)discover my own strength. Looking back, yoga taught me and is still teaching me, how to transform pain into power.

This experience shaped my whole yoga practice and until today, influences the way I live, practice and teach.


Yoga shows me again and again that if we truly open up for new opportunities, everything becomes possible!

It shows, that the limitations that we perceive in our bodies are primarily in our heads!

My Path

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