Yoga Teacher Training

Our 3-module-structure allows you to book all modules as a package or individually. All modules take place in a special place in nature close to Landau in southern Germany, time between the modules is designed to apply and integrate what you have learned, teaching language is German.

Besides the training in Germany we are launching a 300h advanced training and planning an international intensive course (3 weeks, taught in English) on Bali or in the Mexican Caribbean, most likely to happen in January/February 2024. Send me a message HERE and I keep you updated for our upcoming trainings.


Module 1
Heel Feel Lead

May 28 - June 3, 2023

A deep immersion into the powerful healing qualities of Asana (experienced and explained in Anatomy sessions and philosophical insights), Meditation and Pranayama (breathing).

Module 2
Heel Feel Lead

August 13 - 19, 2023

An adventurous in-depth exploration of your inner and outer landscape, of different yoga styles and your unique expression. Mixing your body's wisdom with what the yogis found out many thousands of years ago. 

Module 3
Heel Feel Lead

October 22-28, 2023

An empowering experience of what it truly means to stand your sacred ground and lead your life and any yogaevent with grace and authenticity. Boosting your teaching skills that you have practiced since day one in the first module and supporting you with individual and group feedback, voice coaching and the shared organisation (from marketing tools and pricing until the stress management that might come along with teaching in front of a bigger group of people) and teaching of your first Yogafestival.

Sounds interesting?

Let's explore the depths of Yoga!