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The Art of Touch

I consider every touch as a loving dialogue - the art of listening to the body's needs on a moment-to-moment basis.

Having collected treasures from different teachers in Thailand, Bali, India, Mexico, Spain and Germany, I am now mixing their wisdom with my own experience, mindfulness principles and the way I love to flow and follow my intuition.

Through the art of listening, breathing together, healing touch and different dynamic flow states, we dive into a holistic, relaxing, and transformative experience.

Oil Massage

Full- body oil massage with focus on tense body parts such as shoulder and neck, if desired.
Harmonizes, balances and relaxes body and mind. I am working with high-quality oils (doTERRA), containing only organic ingredients.

Thai Yoga Massage

Combining elements of Thai Massage with Yoga, Osteopathy and mindfulness meditation. Enjoyed in comfortable Yoga clothes, aiming for flowy transitions, emotional release and deep states of relaxation as well as our sense of basic trust.

It is possible to create a combination of the different offers to create your unique and suitable experience!

Energy Compensation:

1h - 108 €
90 min – 138€

Please know that you get 10% reduction, if you book a massage in the context of a Retreat experience.


Prices for residents in Caparica:

1h - 70€

90 min - 90€