Calm & Connected

Underneath the layers of our fast modern life and the duties that we fulfill on a daily basis - there is more. There is you. If we are in function-mode, we often lose touch to our innermost truth. We tend to push our emotions away or numb them with activities, work, food or drinks. We don't know what we want and need and we tend to forget who we truly are. This is when we start to miss who we were when we were more calm & connected.

When was the last moment when you truly felt that way?

 Most of us were truly connected to their essence and were thus calm&connected when they were a child. I came back to this deep sense of connection to myself when I was finishing my first Yogaretreat in Bali many years ago.

Even though I offer Yogateachertrainings @healfeellead myself today and I highly recommend it to anyone who considers it - I believe that we don’t need a whole teachertraining to come back to this sense of peace within ourselves. We just need someone who can hold the space for us and let the yogic practices unfold themselves.

Location & Date

Our beautiful guest house is located in the charming (29.9.-4.10.2023 ) Private Oceanfront Villa in Mirleft (close to Agadir, Morocco).

We are located in one of the World Surfing Reserve paradises.

It's Time To

It's time to pause. 

It's time to make space for yourself.

It's time for you to feel calm & connected.

It’s Time To (re-) Connect To Your Essence To The Unfiltered You. It’s Time To Make Space..

  • For Yoga (Vinyasa, Yin, Mindful Flow & Thai Yoga Massage) to do its work (in our oceanfront shala)
  •  For silence, breathwork & meditation 
  • To dwell in nature
  •  For the most delicious vegan meals to be truly digsted
  •  To learn or refine the art of conscious touch (Thai Yoga Massage Workshop)
  • For the waves of the ocean to be heared
  • To enjoy the beach (walking distance) and sunshine
  •  For daydreaming
  • For connection & inspiration coming from within you, from the natural surrounding and and the international group experience
  •  To rest, relax & do nothing 
  • For honest, deep & humerous sharings a in a loving group 
  •  To enjoy massage treatments
  •  For magic & surprises to happen


Prices vary from 960€ to 1600€ depending on the room option that you choose 

and if you sign up alone or together:

Double room with shared bathroom


Signing up together: 960€, signing up alone: 990€, having the room for yourself: 1400€

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Room with two single beds & shared bathroom


Signing up together: 960€, Signing up alone: 990€, having the room for yourself: 1400€

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Double room with shared bathroom


Signing up together: 960€, Signing up alone 990€, having the room for yourself: 1400€

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Double room with private bathroom


Signing up together 1100€, Signing up alone: 1130€, having the room for yourself: 1600€

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Included In The Price!

  •  All yoga classes & workshops, individual feedback & alignment tips etc
  • All course material including handouts and use of yogamats & blocks
  • 2 rich vegan, fresh, local meals (buffet) daily (brunch & dinner) and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Accomodation in private oceanfront villa with typical local riad and pool
  • Organisation for shared taxis in signal group

Not Included In The Price:!

  • Travel costs
  • Massages (optional; check website for more info
  • Surf sessions (optional; 45€/session, material & all costs included)


Our days are framed by two extended yogasessions (multilevel) of 2h. There will always be a flowclass in the morning (vinyasa with mindful flow elements) and a yinclass (with mindful flow elements) in the evening. Both classes include enough time for self-exploration, which means time, in which you flow or stay with yourself, experiencing your own strength & softness. There will be two workshops (3h each) - a Thai Yoga Massage Workshop and an empowering surprise workshop with regard to the topic of the retreat. In between the program you have time to calm down & connect - either to yourself, to nature or to each other.

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Registration & Info!

Email to

If possible please specify in the e-mail subject which room you would love to book. 

Thank you Very much looking forward to hear from you and so excited to do my second retreat in this amazing place after many years of hosting retreats in other places!

Love love love