August 6-9, 2023

"If you want wonder, beauty, and joy

to become the leitmotifs of your life,

you must become willing to allow the experience, whatever it is, to totally dissolve into the silent presence that you truly are.” Christopher D. Wallis



This is a yogaretreat for women who want to reconnect to their intuition & fearless nature in the grace of a wild forest that serves as a mirror for transformation.


We create space within body-mind-system through Yogic & Tantric practices, that allow us to truly listen. Together, we will be:


  • Realizing our most profound treasure, our natural self 
  • Uncover and detect the roots of our blockages 
  • apply release-techniques to free us from mental and emotional blockages
  • Exploring new aspects of the strengths and miracles we found within ourselves 
  • Rising by lifting each other up 
  • Understanding deeper & celebrating who we truly are

We meet at Brunnenhaus, a forest-centered place located outside Cologne. It’s a place in which I have personally been in touch with my greatest illusions (Maya in Yoga philosophy) but it’s also a place in which I felt deeply connected to my most authentic and true self in a period of my life when it was challenging to feel connected to my true self.

What is our true self and how can we access it?



  • 2 Yogasessions (all levels) à 2 hours per day (Vinyasa in the morning & Yin in the evening)
  • Tantric philosophy & embodiment
  • Sharing circles
  • Journaling
  • application of practical coaching tools to develop viveka (the power to distinguish) to connect you to the inherent flow of love
  • Sacred Silence
  • Integration time: between the yoga sessions there is time to go swimming, book a massage, enjoy the forest, connect to others or yourself, rest, read or do what feels good to you

Prices per person:

Single room:

Sign up together until June 1st: 670€   Regular price: 770€

Double room:

Sign up together until June 1st: 540€   Regular price: 640€

Dorm (4 beds): 

Sign up together until June 1st: 390€   Regular price: 490€

The prices include:

The full program

Food: Brunch Buffet & dinner (vegan, fresh, healthy, organic and mostly regional)


Carsharing pre-organisation in What's App group

Group-connection throughout the Retreat, if wanted

A soulful surprise gift for you


Not included in the price: 

  • Travel expenses
  • Massages (optional)
  • Special drinks in the house café 





We are excited to tap into the power of ancient and modern practices together, to transform and grow with you!

Love, Julia