Yoga & Mountainlove Retreat in Austria

(June 7th-12th)

“You are not IN the mountains. The mountains are in YOU.”
John Muir

Do you want to immerse into a lush green surrounding, an inspiring course in a supportive environment?
Then come and spend a week with us in the mountains!

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We will start our days with Mindful Movements and Meditations. There will be mostly energizing Vinyasa Flows but also an introduction to Qi Gong and at least one morning of Mindful Flow Yoga.

You will then have the chance to enjoy the various choices at our rich Breakfast Buffet. Afterward, prepare your Lunch Packet (various options provided) and plan your tour, based on weather and your physical conditions. For hiking, there are different trails for your personal taste and level of intensity. All of them are easily accessible from where we live. We will form groups for hiking but you are also free to just book a massage, a private guitar lesson or simply enjoy a relaxing time in our cozy mountain view sun-chairs.

Depending on the weather, 2-3 afternoons we will be for workshops. The workshop's content is based on your personal preference. You have the chance to learn about: The Art of Flow, Yoga Philosophy, Acroyoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Therapeutic Flying or other Mindfulness Practices. As the Retreat is designed specifically for you, we will ask you to specify your personal interests in the registration form.

In the evening we have an early dinner, healthy, vegetarian (vegan options) and refined with fresh home-grown garden herbs.

The evening time also allows us to immerse into extended sessions of Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Thai Yoga Massage accompanied by live music (violin, guitar) as well as moments to journal and exchange thoughts in Sharing Circles – so your muscles and your mind get some space to relax and calm down.

Consider this Retreat as a holistic experience that is designed to be relaxing and empowering. Through learning techniques that help you to connect to yourself in a physical and emotional way, you will soak peace and inspiration that will enhance your everyday life!

Besides connecting to yourself you will meet like-minded people and a healthy environment, that all bring you closer to your true essence and support you on your journey of unfolding your potential!

The place is easily accessible by public transport.
For the sake of our beloved environment we encourage and support you to either find a train (there are direct trains from Mainz to Oberstdorf) or to get together beforehand for sharing a car so that your transportation is affordable, comfortable and maybe even already in the nice company!

The Energy Exchange
- 720€ / Early Bird (until 4/4/2020)
- 680€ / for students at Early Bird
- 770€ / at Regular Price

Want to stay longer?
If you book the Retreat together with the "Rise to you Mountain: Yoga Retreat Weekend" that's happening right afterwards,
you get 10% Discount for the Weekend Retreat.

Included: 5 nights
- Daily Yoga sessions
- Meditations and Introspection
- Movement Explorations and Workshops
- Philosophy and Mindful Empowerment Tools served in
different ways)
- Live Music and little surprises that make you feel good
- 3 healthy & delicious vegetarian meals per day, Lunch is
going to be a Lunch Packet so that you can take it to the
woods. Unlimited mountain water and a great selection of
tea, as well as healthy snacks, are always at your disposal.

Not included:
- Your travel expenses, including busses or entrance fees
- Massage treatments
- Guitar lessons (but we can borrow you a guitar if you let us
know in advance)

Please note that some of the activities in the Retreat might be in English. English is not mandatory in the Retreat but helpful -
We will give you the chance to specify that in your Registration sheet so that if needed, we can provide translation.

*Please only use one discount offer at a time.

♥For REGISTRATION or your questions, please reach click the button below:

We are looking forward to share our treasures with you!!! ♥

Jupieeee we will have live music!

I'm grateful to now have my partner Luis Hunab Amaya on board. Besides our shared passion for mindful forms of movement, we really enjoy accompanying Yoga classes with the sounds of our instruments!

Find more about our music project here:

Soul Sailors.

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