Yoga Styles

If I would sum up my Yoga approach in one word, I would choose "Listen".

Yoga Approach Mandala

Yoga for me means freedom. I consider Yoga as a tool to free ourselves from stiffness in body and mind.
How? Through the art of listening.

When we step on our mats, we step into a beautiful form of self- dialogue. A dialogue that allows us to consciously listen to our inner voice and to learn to feel and respect ourselves. This also means to respect our limits, while knowing that these are only the limits of this very present moment. Our limits of today are never our limits of tomorrow. On our yoga path we realize, that step by step, we are creating more space in our body and in our mind.


In my classes, I am always offering different options for different levels.


No matter where you are on your path, I want to accompany you on your way of getting to know yourself. This means, getting to know who you truly are instead of trying to be someone that you think you should be or you think that others want you to be.

Mindful Flow

This style naturally derived from my own practice and I describe it is as a fusion of everything that I love most about yoga. Meaning that it includes elements of Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Thai Yoga massage and meditation.


Considered as meditation in motion, we concentrate on the sensations in our body as the focus in our meditation. With an increased perception of the sensations raised by our movements, we are spending more and more time in fluid transitions. Within the latter, we take time to breathe and feel into areas of tension, reconnecting with our core desires and feelings while entering a space of metta – loving kindness.


Mindful Flow Yoga aims at supporting you to stop moving from fear, anger or expectation while starting to move from love and accordingly becoming more open and receptive. The technique presents a form of meditation that is a simple, fun and effective way of accessing your center of emotions. The practice of Mindful Flow Yoga may help you to be more present in the here & now, to let go and to open up in order to free everything that’s stuck in your body as well as in your mind.

Jupie Flow

Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

My Vinyasa flows are creative, explorative and playful. In an elegant and fluid way, we aim at flowing through beautiful transitions, connecting to different elements and aspects of ourselves.

There is time for resting poses, tuning in and personal freedom to flow, feel and discover as well as for alignment tips and individual adjustments. While in Vinyasa we can experience freedom through movement, we can access it through stillness in Yin Yoga.

The Yin practice teaches us how to surrender to gravity and how to be patient and committed. We create an awareness and acceptance towards our asana, which is the posture but also our attitude towards life.


Inspired by the wisdom of yoga, Acroyoga’s three branches combine Acrobatics with the loving kindness of Therapeutic Flying and Thai Yoga Massage. All three branches are valued and practiced equally. Nevertheless, I offer focus workshops where only one branch is taken into consideration – this may give you the chance to dive deeper.

I believe that connecting and living in the present is our greatest gift!

Together we celebrate this gift, especially when practing AcroYoga! Why? Because presence is of high importance there – in the first place for your safety. Furthermore, we focus on having fun while practicing. Instead of becoming too serious, I motivate you to awaken your inner child, to let go of fears and expectations in order to being able to fully enjoy the present moment and be surprised of your own powers!

In my classes, I emphasize clear, honest and loving communication. I make you be and feel safe and supported. Together, we are cultivating companionship based on trust and respect and a practice marked by fluidity and flow, as well as many other qualities that make you feel better and grow!