February 3-10, 2024

“Fall in love with yourself, with life and then with whoever you want.” -Frida Kahlo


There is a tremendous heart expansion that goes along with the wild jungle nature, the sounds of exotic birds, white macrame-dreamcatchers, avocados as big as your feet and fresh coconut drinks… but most inspiring for me are the whole-hearted people that I met and that I would like you to meet: The healers and shamans that I was working with during the months that I spent living in Mexico touched me deeply by the way I felt them being connected to “Pachamama” (mother earth).

The place that I chose for you to immerse into is called Bacalar, it’s a remote, junglekissed area in the Carribean, known for its stunning lagoon with turquoise water. The lagoon has a very healing energy and used to be a secret spot for many years, yet it gained a little bit more attention recently.

The venue has a private access to the lagoon and offers hangout corners to sunbath and enjoy shadow right besides and on top (wooden construction) of the lagoon. Our wooden (sunprotected) Yogashala is overlooking the lagoon and provides mats and props.

  • Deepen, expand and get inspired in your yoga practice and transform in- und externally through it
  • Connect to an international group and a new culture that will also reflect new aspects within yourself
  • Meet ancient shamanic practices that facilitate heart-opening new perspectives
  • Get nourished by fresh, local vegan meals 
  • Be in touch with the wild, special and truly heart-opening nature that opens new aspects within yourself
  • Swim in the special lagoon and connect, charge yourself in nature
  • Enjoy massage treatments (optional)
  • Discover a new culture by exploring mayan & toltec wisdom in crystallized life-philosophy that adds perfectly to yogic philosophies that you might be already living up to or that inspire you and might leave you surprised & amazed how yogic & toltec (ancient Mexican philosophy) are connected

Temazcal & Cenote

I’m planning to take you to a temazcal,

which briefly explained can be described as a traditional, spiritual sauna that offers a deep transformational experience.

Besides the yoga practice, the temazcal and other opening and integration practices will be facilitated. You get to enjoy a unique livemusic soundbath with violin and other instruments and other surprises.

Depending on the wishes and dynamic of the group we might also learn how to create our own dreamcatchers in a traditional way.

Prior or after the Retreat you might want to visit a cenote in the area and explore old mayan ruin in the area, that Mexico is very well known for.














This very unique Retreat experience is designed for women who would like to accompany each other into their sensual self, their self-worth and an expansion of their hearts! Within the  the yogaclasses, meditations, journaling- and sharing-circles, we connect to ancient toltec, yogic and wisdom and empower each other to celebrate our own unique expression.


We will start our days with energetic all-level Vinyasa classes and close them with nourishing yin and mindful flow sessions. Between the two yogasessions (both scheduled for 2 hours each), there is activities like our temazcal, a massage workshop, a toltec philosophy and another surprise planned, but you have also enough time to enjoy the lagoon, book massage treatments, explore the area, read, nap, meditate, connect with the group or simply do nothing.


Accomodation & Prices

Value 1300-1700€ depending on the room option that you choose.

8 days - more info follows

What’s included in the price

2 Yogasessions per day (Mindful Flow Vinyasa in the morning) & Yin in the evening

Four evening session are replaced by
1) a Thai Yoga Massage Workshop
2) a sharing-journaling-integration circle
3) a Temazcal
4) a great surprise

Transformational mindful empowerment tools



What’s not included in the price

Travel expenses

Massages (optional)

Special drinks in the house café that don’t belong to our meals



I'm so excited to take you to this place that has inspired and transformed me so much!