Conscious Celebration

Let's create a personalized private event for you


We create it together - in such a way that it's truly YOUR EVENT!

  • BIRTHDAY: An individualized ceremony, with or with out a cacao ritual, with personalized live music, fun & mindful empowerment practices, meditation and depending on the time, place & outfits of the people also a shared asana yoga session (+ memory photos).
  • MOTHER BLESSING: Bring your closest friends together to empower the woman into a new chapter of her life through personalized rituals, massages, blessings & wishes, live music and chanting if you wish so, optional dancing or asana practice and a surprise that will support her during giving birth.
  • The prices depend on when and where the event happens and which of the following elements are going to be part of the event: You can choose if you would like to celebrate with or without a live music, a yogasession (you choose the style) and if you would like photographer (optional) to accompany your event and where you would like it to happen (could be in your home, in nature or in a rented venue). 



"Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion". Rumi