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The term "Samavesa" in tantric philosophy describes the connection to our true nature

Seeking joy is what we naturally do even though it often leads to suffering.

How about seeking truth?

What if we learn how to see things how they truly are and not how we want them to be?

 Impressed by the transformative powers of Yoga and the joy that comes along,

I love to create connections

Meaningful connections that help us to raise awareness and keep on moving forward

into deeper states of consciousness so that we manage to create a world that becomes more social and sustainable!

I am sharing Yoga: Full-time and full-hearted.

My profession as an international Yogateacher gives me the opportunity to stay in a flow of learning and sharing. In the past years, I have been traveling around the world to learn from different teachers and to share what I love. I have organized and taught Retreats in Austria, Morocco, India, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Malta and Portugal, shared workshops in refugee camps in Palestine, led a Mindfulness Workshop at a Judicial Court in Germany and held lectures and classes on different Yogateachertrainings in India, Germany and Bali before I started to co-teach our own Yogateachertrainings at the Yoga Academy HEAL.FEEL.LEAD.

Trained in Bali, Thailand, India, Mexico and Germany, I had the honor to get certified (more than 1000h) and inspired by internationally known teachers and schools.I grew up in the Black Forest close to France, studied in Mainz, Lyon and Frankfurt and spend a lot of time in the Mexican Caribbean. The way I could experience women circles in Mexico and the connection to Pachamama (mother earth) that people celebrate in such a raw and real way, truly changed my perspective on life itself. In 2022 I decided to fulfill one of my childhood dreams: to live by the beach! I will always be back in Germany (mostly Mainz & Landau area) to see family & friends and share my passion - so nothing could hold me back from moving to a 28km long sandbeach in Costa da Caparica (Lisbon, Portugal).

About Me Quote

I love to create a space for you, where you can enjoy, let go, laugh, learn, experience, grow, and simply be yourself!

How do you know you are experiencing flow?

  • Full concentration
  • The feeling that time dissolves
  • The experience itself feels rewarding
  • Balance between effort & ease
  • Equilibrium between challenge & skills
  • Action & awareness merge,  we are becoming  one with what we do

Flow research inspired by Mihaly

Since I am a little girl I experience flow when playing music.

I rediscovered this flow-sensation when starting to practice yoga at the age of 18.



I am offering various styles VinyasaYin Yoga, Mindful Flow, Yoga Nidra, Acro Yoga and Mindfulness practices such as Thai Yoga Massage.


My teaching style is marked by creativity, playfulness, strengthening elements and states of deep relaxation!

I am mixing my love for details and creative body explorations with concepts of modern alignment and physiology.

I love to play with my voice, creating vivid metaphors and poetic analogies as well as the sounds of my violin and hands-on-adjustments to accompany you on your Yoga journey!

My academic background (English and French for Highschool teaching and acting) serves as a support when I am creating holistic, international experiences, workshops, events and Yogateachertrainings that offer both: depth and ease!  

Through technical and philosophical understanding, mindful listening and intuition, I am creating Yoga and Massage flows, sound baths with my violin and coaching sessions that invite you to dive deep into connection.


Looking forward to meet you!


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